The season finale of “Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn” has arrived, and the season’s final episode of the Facebook Watch series finds Jackson searching for answers as she embarks on a spiritual quest.

“I just need clarity,” she says in one of the series’ confessional interviews.

She continues by detailing how she was born Jewish, baptized Christian and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, before embarking on her own journey that included Buddhism, wicca and hoodoo — which she describes as “voodoo without the religion” — until ultimately concluding that “organized religion just isn’t my thing.”

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The episode also takes a deep dive into her relationship — both romantic and musical — with Soundflowers partner Gabriel Glenn, who admits it’s frustrating when the focus is constantly shifted from their musical duo to PK, as Jackson is nicknamed.

“Most people just expect me to like stand in the background and hold her purse, because she’s been a superstar since birth,” says Glenn. “But P’s always been really good at making sure it’s kind of like an equal output for both of us.”

The episode follows Jackson and Glenn as they travel to Detroit, where Glenn and his other band (which predates The Soundflowers) The Trashdogs will complete their debut album. According to Jackson, she encourages Glenn’s musical work outside their duo. “There’s no monogamy to our creativity,” she explains. However, tensions appear to arise when his focus on recording the album comes at the expense of his relationship with Jackson.

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Glenn, she says later in the episode, “shows me love does exist, not just in the movies, and it’s not as pretty as it looks in the movies. It can get ugly. And it can get more beautiful than described in the movies. And it is possible.”

The season ends on an emotional note, with Jackson breaking into tears as she says “I can’t see my life without him.”

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