Brad Paisley Helps A Soldier He Met In Afghanistan Deliver A Virtual Surprise For His Wife

Brad Paisley sure knows how to plan a sweet surprise.

On Monday, the country music star posted a video on social media.

“A text caught my eye this weekend – a picture of me & a soldier named Austin together in Afghanistan. 6 years later he’s on deployment in Qatar, & we pulled off a surprise for his wife at home in Little Rock,” Paisley wrote. “These are the moments I will always remember from this crazy time.”

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The video begins with Paisley telling fans, “Well, this was the highlight of my weekend,” sharing a text he received from Austin, asking if Paisley had time for a Zoom call with his wife.

During the discussion, viewers learned that Austin — who’s stationed in Qatar — and his wife, Amanda, have a dog named Paisley (who, unfortunately, wasn’t with Amanda at the moment).

Back in 2014, reported NPR, Paisley joined then-President Barack Obama on a top-secret trip to Afghanistan on Memoril Day weekend, performing for 3,000 troops at Bagram Airfield. Complicating the trip was the fact that, because of a previously scheduled engagement, Paisley had to rush from a performance at an Iowa music festival before making the trip.

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“He had to juggle a lot of stuff and had to figure out how to explain it to people without explaining it to people,” Obama told the troops about Paisley’s haste to get there. “Without going into details, this was a big sacrifice for him. And he did it because he cares so deeply” about the military.

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