Late-night stars are making fun of U.S. President Donald Trump’s apparent obsession with video-sharing app TikTok.

Trump has pointed to TikTok as a potential national security concern due to the app’s ties to China. “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon and “Late Night” lead Seth Meyers do not quite see it that way.

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Surely, it has nothing “to do with the TikTok teens who sabotaged his Tulsa rally,” Fallon teased. “Trump is playing hardball with China. If he bans TikTok, China will only be able to spy on our phones, TVs, cars and refrigerator. So, that’s where he draws the line.”

“We don’t want criminals like the Jelly Queen and Cupcake Carl coming into our country,” Meyers teased about Trump’s faux-fear of Candy Crush. “I’m almost certain Trump has no idea what TikTok is. I’m betting TikTok was one of the answers he wrote on his cognitive test.”

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Meyers argued that making outlandish statements is just what Trump does.

“He loves to stand on the White House lawn next to a giant whirring helicopter and shout empty pronouncements at reporters because it makes him feel like he’s actually the president and not just some soulless husk who fell a**-backward into a job he wasn’t qualified for because some dummy made fun of him at a dinner once,” Meyers stated.