Diego Luna learned a lot about himself on the set of “Pan y Circo”.

Luna, 40, admits he was hit with a reality check about his own racist behaviour while filming the program for Amazon Prime Video.

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“I sat down at this table thinking I wasn’t a racist,” he told Indie Wire. “I’ve told my kids I’m not a racist, but after this lunch, I realized how much I contribute to a system I benefited from.”

That moment of self-realization implored Luna to use “Pan y Circo” as a vehicle to promote healing.

The show’s description reads: “Conversations unite experts and different personalities to touch fundamental topics of universal interest in contemporary societies, accompanied by the menus of well-known Mexican chefs.”

Luna revealed: “We were thinking a lot about the importance of doing something that can travel. It starts from a local reflection but has to become something global.”

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“I couldn’t allow anyone to go and edit this,” he added of his time in the editing room. “I had to be there every day sitting with the editors finding the exact show we wanted to make.”

“Pan y Circo” premieres Friday, August 7 on Amazon Prime Video.

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