Liam Neeson And Son Micheál Honour Late Natasha Richardson In ‘Made In Italy’

Liam Neeson and his 25-year-old son Micheál Richardson will honour the late Natasha Richardson in their newest movie “Made In Italy”.

The heartwarming father and son film, tells the story of a bohemian London artist who returns to Italy with his estranged son to make a quick sale of the house they inherited from his late wife. As the duo painstakingly restores the villa to its previous glory, they also work to mend their relationship.

Though James D’Arcy didn’t write the film with Neeson and Richardson in mind, viewers couldn’t help but think the story loosely echoed what their family experienced when they lost their wife/mother 11 years ago after she suffered from a head injury while skiing in Quebec.

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“I hate using the word cathartic because it all sounds hippie dippy to me,” Neeson exclusively told ET Canada. “But let’s put it this way, the emotional scenes that got put in the film for me, and I’m sure it was the same for Micheál, was very easy to access. Sometimes in movies you have to try and access an emotion that can be difficult to make real or make true, but D’Arcy made a pathway for us, which made those emotions very easy to access.”

Photo: IFC Films
Photo: IFC Films
Photo: IFC Films
Photo: IFC Films
Photo: IFC Films
Photo: IFC Films

Scenes that were particularly hard to go from script to screen were those in which they couldn’t get through without thinking about the memory of Richardson.

“Well you know it is a big scene and to some extent I was sort of building myself up to it, but I knew on the day that I couldn’t force anything. It’s a big scene, but we let it happen naturally and because of the subject you have her in your mind, but the crew was so supportive and that day was very emotional, but it was also sort of a peaceful day. We didn’t bring our emotions off set. We would go up into the attic and then come back down to take a breather, take a load off and then go back and do it again,” Richardson told ET Canada, adding that Neeson decompressed with tea and toothpicks, where he opted for a shot of espresso and a bit of chocolate.

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Richardson, who changed his surname as a tribute to his late mother, has previously made small appearances in “Vox Lux” and “Cold Pursuit”, but Neeson believes his son’s first big performance in “Made In Italy” was quite impressive.

“I’m not going to blow smoke up his nether regions, but I certainly thought that when I was his age, I couldn’t have done that,” Neeson said.

You can watch “Made In Italy” in theatres, on demand and in select drive-in theatres on August 7.

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