Sarah Paulson will take a seat in the director’s chair for Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” spin-off.

The creatively named “American Horror Stories” will serve as a companion anthology series to the original program. Each episode of “American Horror Stories” will be a standalone episode.

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“What can I say? I’ll be directing something” Paulson told journalists at the Television Critics Association panel for her Netflix series “Ratched”, per Deadline.

Paulson also touched on timelines for “American Horror Stories” and “American Crime Story: Impeachment” in a world afflicted with COVID-19.

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“The state of the world and California aren’t having their finest moments in dealing with this virus,” she said. “Both productions will be shooting in Los Angeles. We were less than two weeks from starting ‘Impeachment’I heard rumours of October, then 2021. A lot of rumours, no facts.”

“Ratched” premieres Sept. 18 on Netflix.