Kane Brown sat down with Apple Music’s Brooke Reese — via FaceTime — to discuss his new single, “Be Like That”, featuring Khalid and Swae Lee.

According to the country star, he fell in love with the song the first time he heard it.

“So I first heard this song when I was on tour probably a year-and-a-half ago is how long we’ve had it,” he told Reese.

“I was like, I love this song. It was catchy. I was like, we’re going to have to make some changes to it because the song before it had some things that I just wouldn’t sing. So they made some changes to it and then we were talking about getting some artists on it and they got Swae, so I told them I could probably get Khalid on it, but it was so hard for Khalid because Khalid was in Japan one day and then he was in this other country another day,” he added. “So it probably took me like five to six months to probably end up getting Khalid on the track.”

He also discusses what fans can expect from the release of his upcoming album

“I’m excited about this album because it’s my most diverse album so far. I’ve got a song with H.E.R. coming out on the album,” he said.

“And then we got the remix with Nelly. It’s my song ‘Cool Again’ so it should be pretty cool. But then, I got like a ’90s-sounding country song on there. I have country songs, my country songs that sound like me. And then we’re already going to start working on another pop single.”

Brown recently revealed that his latest release would be dropping on Aug. 14.