Brandy has been in the spotlight for more than a quarter-century and she is over fame.

Apple Music‘s Ebro Darden caught up with the star to dish on her relationship with celebrity and the release of her new album, B7.

“It’s not as fun as it used to be,” Brandy admits. “Things have definitely changed but I’m blessed to still have the passion for music, and I definitely have a lot of love out there for me and I feel like I have a responsibility to inspire people and to bless people with music.”

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Brandy, 41, says life in the limelight took a toll on her.

“My want for fame and my want for popularity — that doesn’t satisfy me,” she assures. “Do I need people to notice me in Target? Do I need people to recognize me at Ralphs? I don’t have an ego in that way — I’m not addicted to fame.

“I know what fame did to me early on… I went through a lot.”

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B7 marks the longest time between album releases for Brandy.

“It took me forever to complete this album, and to finally complete it after eight years, it just felt like I was whole, and that this is something I can be proud of,” she admits. “I feel like I can breathe now.”

Brandy dropped B7 on July 31. It featured the lead single “Baby Mama” featuring Chance the Rapper, and “Love Again” with Canadian singer Daniel Caesar.