Ashton Kutcher took to Twitter on Tuesday to lend his support to embattled talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

In his tweet, Kutcher writes that he hasn’t been in communication with DeGeneres, and “can only speak from my own experience.”

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According to Kutcher, DeGeneres and her team “have only treated me & my team w/respect & kindness. She never pandered to celebrity which I always saw as a refreshing honesty. When thing aren’t right she handles it an fixes.”

Kutcher’s tweet was met with skepticism, with his followers pointing out that most of the complaints about mistreatment on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” come from staffers, not celebrities.

Kutcher responded to the criticisms of his initial tweet.

He continued to respond to fans’ tweets, including one pointing out that “the point is not how their team handled a celebrity but how their team behaved with their own team members.”

Another Twitter user shared a look at her “mentions” under Twitter’s notifications, featuring numerous tweets disagreeing with Kutcher, telling him that “I’m not sure they are on your side.”

Kutcher responded by writing, “Thank you for sharing this.”