Tori Spelling Goes Stir Crazy In Quarantine For ‘Celebrity Show-Off’

TBS’s “Celebrity Show-Offs” features various famous folks competing to see who can make the most entertaining and engaging content from their homes in the midst of quarantine.

In the latest edition, Tori Spelling shares her offering, which begins when she awakens in bed surrounded by her children — and a pig named Wilbur, along with a bird resting on her head.

Brushing her teeth, Spelling makes a declaration. “You know the drill. Everyone’s missing celebrations. Everyone’s missing parties. Everyone’s missing movies, yada yada yada. Everyone’s missing life,” she says, before balling up her hands into fists and, in her best impression of Ricardo Montalban’s villain in “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan”, yells to the heavens: “Whyyyyyy?!”

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“Every day is f**king ‘Groundhog Day’. It’s the same thing,” she says, and then proceeds to offer a demonstration as her children, on cue begin their demands for diaper changes and clean underwear. “This is my life,” she sighs.

To shake things up, the “90210” star goes on a wild in-home shopping spree — pretending to buy stuff she already owns — with hubby Dean McDermott making a Zorro-themed closet cameo.

McDermott pops up later, wearing a beige trenchcoat while holding a boombox aloft a la John Cusack in “Say Anything” — but instead of the romantic moment in the film, he instead tells his wife he’s cleaning out the garage and asks if she wants to keep it.

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After a sequence featuring a cowboy-costumed Spelling chugging from a huge bottle of wine (labelled “Mom Juice”), the video ends on a surreal note when *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone surprises Spelling and McDermott in bed as they awaken to a new day.

“It’s our fatanglement,” Spelling tells her surprised husband.

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