Garcelle Beauvais Criticizes Lisa Rinna For Dancing In Her Underwear On Instagram

Garcelle Beauvais isn’t impressed with the way Lisa Rinna flaunts her body.

On the latest episode of Slice’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, the two stars got into it over Rinna’s popular Instagram videos in which she dances in skimpy dress.

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“What does Lois think about the dancing on Instagram in your underwear?” fellow star Kyle Richards asked Rinna about her mother.

“I do a lot of stuff on Instagram because Lois watches Instagram. So she sees everything,” Rinna answered. “She has an iPad. Even though I know I’m being ridiculous, I always know that she gets to see everything and the girls. I think it really is great for her.”

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But in her confessional, Beauvais had some choice words for Rinna’s attitude on the subject.

“I love that Lisa’s free enough to do the videos and be dancing, but the dancing nearly naked is not a choice for me if I had a daughter that had body issues,” she said.

Beauvais was referring to Rinna and husband Harry Hamlin’s 19-year-old daughter Amelia, who has been open about her struggles with anorexia.

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