Quincy Brown Drops New Track, Teases J Balvin Collab And Reveals What Quarantining With P Diddy Is Really Like

Aye Yo, Qrew, listen to this: Quincy Brown is cooking up some new Latin flavours in his second track release of the year.

“I wanted to get something that would immediately connect with me and my fans, and ‘Aye Yo’ was something that just rolled off the tongue,” Quincy exclusively told ET Canada. “It can be said in so many different ways and tones, but we were just playing with the melody and the phrase aye yo was almost singing itself to us, so that was the start of completing the full record. I think the track really came together when I was trying to look at ways people fall in love and realized it’s all about being in the moment.”

“That Latin, R&B vibe is a new lane that I’m going to continue to experiment in. I am for sure going to enter the collaboration side of things soon, but I want my fans to grasp onto my consistency before I start having the fun. The fun is coming, collaborations are already set and done. Just know I’ve been working this quarantine. But if I had to pick a dream collaboration, I mean, J Balvin is my all time one. He’s the homie, but the dude’s too smooth. I’m smooth, but he’s smooth twice over. We’re going to work together just because we’re homies so I’m not going to even force that,” Quincy continued as he praised the 4X Latin Grammy Award winner’s “versatile chillness.”

Photo by Hao Zeng
Photo by Hao Zeng

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The playful corresponding music video to “Aye Yo,” which dropped Friday, showcases the 29-year-old artist dancing around various locations with a love interest in a pink suit by Iceberg. And while the track co-written by “Empire State of Mind’s” Angela Hunte was relatively easy to pull off in quarantine, the production behind the music video had quite a few more obstacles.

“Once I started saying I want to shoot the music video, my managers were like, ‘We want to shoot now too, but it’s tougher right now because we are restricted by quarantine,’ but thankfully my director Nic Stanich, who has worked with Chris Brown and Lil Dicky, went into his brain and made it happen,” Quincy said adding that the entire shoot was done in a green screened room with a very small crew all following safe and proper protocols.

“I had to really trust him because I’ve never done anything that’s 100 percent green screen before, including all of the productions in my acting career, so I was like a rookie on this set,” Quincy continued. “It looks fun but I kept asking, ‘What do I do’ because you aren’t aware of anything on the green screen. It was so much fun so I’ll release a behind the scenes video to my vlog soon.”

But making new music isn’t the only thing on Quincy’s quarantine to-do list. The artist is also solidifying his powerful space within the fashion industry, learning how to play guitar and spending quality time with family, time that Quincy admits he didn’t have before.

Photo by Hao Zeng
Photo by Hao Zeng

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“The family has celebrated all of our birthdays besides Justin and the twins in quarantine,” Quincy said. “The birthdays have been very intimate, just family, having slumber parties and glamping in the backyard. I think I’ve spent more time with my sisters in quarantine than I have in years because I’m always moving and grooving, and they have school.”

“Glamping with them was full of fun, games and pranks. Of course we had s’mores, movies and music, but it was all in a tent and we each had a corner. I’ve never done anything like that before, and even though we were in the backyard, it gave me a new respect for camping outside,” Quincy continued. “Everyone except me and my sisters went inside. I woke up in the morning hot as hell and was like, ‘Where’s everybody at?’ Diddy was the first one to sign out to go back in the house.”

Earlier this week, Quincy made history as Coach’s first male celebrity spokesmodel for their watch campaigns, a move that he considers a career highlight.

“This is a proud moment,” Quincy said. “I kept it on the low and didn’t even tell Diddy until the day before I announced it and he was like, ‘Wait, what!!’”

That said, Quincy believes his step father “set the tone” for his taste of fashion, and he just “brought it to the next level.”

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Photo by Hao Zeng
Photo by Hao Zeng

“I think Diddy and I go head to head with style, but we both still embody our own,” Quincy said. “I think that’s one thing I learned from him and why he’s so on me about my style. He’ll be like, ‘You’re really doing something with your style here. I don’t know what it is, but I like it.’ I think it’s just like being daring with how you choose to express yourself, but he’s definitely been on it and he asked me to be his stylist and I told him I was a little busy. I guess I’ll make arrangements.”

Watch Quincy in the quarantined “Aye Yo” music video above.

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