Brie Larson Reveals She Secretly Climbed The Grand Teton

Brie Larson isn’t letting a pandemic get in the way of a little adventure.

In the latest video entry in her recently launched YouTube channel, the “Captain Marvel” star revealed she was joined by personal trainer Jason Walsh and expert climber, photographer and Oscar-winning director Jimmy Chin, with the three heading to Wyoming to climb the Grand Teton.

Measuring 13,775 feet in elevation, the Grand is the highest peak in the Teton range, and Larson admitted she wasn’t entirely sure she was up to the task, admitting that “I don’t think that I am a superhuman — I know that I play one in a movie, but, like, there’s a lot of CGI and wires involved.”

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Making the climb, she added, “was not easy at all. It was way harder than the stuff we were doing in the gym, period. And also it’s a completely different thing when you’re climbing at a rock-climbing gym where they have these like beautiful little coloured rocks that you’re looking at and grabbing onto and you know what the path is. This is like you are by yourself with sometimes what feels like smooth stone, no colours telling you where your hands or your feet are supposed to go next.”

Added Chin: “I was just really impressed with how she could maintain her composure in a situation like that, like really impressed and I’ve taken a lot of people climbing. Jason, same thing. They have that mental strength and discipline to kind of be like ‘Okay, I need to get focused, I need to be in the moment.”

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Meanwhile, Larson has apparently been preparing for this for some time, judging by this Instagram video she shared more than a year-and-a-half ago.

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