Martha Stewart Claps Back After Being Called For Eating Lobster Meal

The OG domestic guru is defending her recent post after one person called her out.

On Monday, Martha Stewart posted pictures from her lobster dinner.

“Our outdoor dinner in the back driveway. Where all the daily action takes place- dog grooming. Feeding. Soccer practice. Baseball practice. And sometimes messy dinners like lobster snd corn!!! Simple table setting. Tables covered in old fashioned butchers paper. We have a giant roll of it in the basement,” she wrote.

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“I’ve always followed you. Loved your show. But do you ever feel this is all a little_tone deaf ❗There are people lining up for hours for a bag of potatoes❗ # let them eat cake,” someone commented.

Stewart quipped back, noting that her dinner was supporting local farms and the fishery industry.

“[T]he lobsters were $4 each from a fisherman who was happy to be getting more than from his regular buyer. We had potatoes from our own garden,” she said. “And corn from a local farm which we support. We feed everyone who works for us. We do not waste. We compost. We work We give generously to many organizations. We care about the pandemic and observe healthy living and social distancing etc and we wear masks we are good people.”

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Stewart’s newest show “Martha Knows Best” just debuted on HGTV Canada and airs Sundays at 10 p.m ET.


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