Cardi B discussed baby Kulture entering the “terrible twos,” motherhood and more in a new interview with RADIO.COM‘s “Fandemic” series.

The rapper has been busy promoting her and Megan Thee Stallion’s new track “WAP” and was asked about not putting out a record for a while in the chat.

She said of Kulture’s “terrible twos,” “Yes, so fast! These ‘terrible two’ things just come right away, like her tantrums I’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ But she’s also such a sweet and funny person.”

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Cardi admitted the little one will throw a tantrum when she wants an ice cream, insisting she doesn’t always give it to her because it makes her hyper before bed.

The singer added of being a mom, “I’m way more understanding of situations [now],” saying of moms going through things, “I just get it now.”

She went on to say of mom-shamers: “It’s so f**king annoying, like sometimes when they be like, ‘Why does your baby still have a binky?’ It’s like, ‘She just turned two this is hard.'”

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Cardi also said of waiting a while before putting out a record, “I haven’t put out a record in nine months and I have to constantly hear, ‘Oh, her career is over, she flopped, she’s an Instagram model now,’ and it’s just like… there are certain male artists that don’t even put out music for probably a year, probably months, and nobody says that about them.”

Cardi did another interview with SiriusXM’s Swaggy Sie Friday, where she spoke about why she endorsed Joe Biden after Bernie Sanders in the U.S. presidential race.

She shared of Sanders dropping out: “You know what, I was so f**king mad because it’s like people, when he dropped, people was like, ‘Oh what do you mean?’ Why? Because of y’all! Because you know how this new generation is. We be loving something but we just be lazy to do it, it’s like motherf**kers was just lazy to vote for him.”

Cardi then said of supporting Biden, “I feel like it’s important now because like, yo Trump is… I cannot, I’m telling you, if Trump goes for like another four years, I’m going to have a meltdown, like I will have a mental breakdown. I cannot deal with this anymore… I do be scared of the state of the country… not only do I care about the people, but it’s like I am afraid of the future.

“I don’t want another war… the economy right now, it sucks, like people are not making money. Some people are getting money, and they are not supposed to be getting money. This coronavirus s**t, I want it to be over but I don’t want people to lie to me. God forbid that my grandparents, somebody gets sick. I haven’t seen my grandparents in months and I’m dying to see them.”