Jim Gaffigan Calls 2020 ‘The Longest Year Ever’ While Starring On Latest Cover Of LaPalme

Jim Gaffigan is opening up on the trials and tribulations of life in lockdown.

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The comedian described 2020 as “the longest year that’s ever existed,” during an interview for the latest issue of LePalme Magazine.

Revealing how his work was impacted by the pandemic, Gaffigan said, “Being a comedian and an actor, and, a writer, the three different things were affected drastically different.

“As a writer, I can continue to do it. The adjustment is that I don’t have the downtime that I used to have because there’s a pandemic, and I’m with my five children and my wife. The acting is frustrating because I was gaining some momentum, but that’s less emotionally damaging because I’ve gone through periods where you don’t get acting jobs. You just hit a dry streak.”

“The Pale Tourist” star admitted that it was “a chore” to remain positive while cooped up in the house for so long, but thankfully he was able to use YouTube to release his creative energy.

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“Seeking creative fulfilment, I’ve done that mainly through the CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ commentaries and my YouTube channel where I’ve done different shows. Those shows are ‘Let’s Get Cooking’, ‘Mike and Pat Show’, and daily stand up clips from my eight specials. That’s my outlet; it’s YouTube because it’s such a forgiving platform,” he continued.

While Gaffigan noted that he’s “not sure of anything these days,” he added that he’s a firm believer in “the science of laughter.”

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“Personally, it has helped me get through the past few months. This interview gave me an excuse to turn off the 24-hour news coverage of the pandemic, protests, and partisan politics. It gave me a reason to laugh, and I felt better as a result,” he said.


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