Lady Gaga has revealed that the track “Free Woman” from her hit album Chromatica was written for the trans community.

In the debut episode of her podcast “Gaga Radio” on Apple Music today, Gaga spoke about her songwriting process including her inspirations.

On the track “Free Woman,” she said: “For me, I was singing it for the trans community. That’s how I felt…that that’s the only way I could make sense of that song for myself.”

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In fact, the pop star loved the track so much she almost named the 2020 album after it.

When questioned why she went with Chromatica instead, she explained that she “still struggle[s] with [being a free woman].” Her collaborator and guest BloodPop added, “Sometimes you have to put the cart before the horse” and that means sacrificing going out as they worked on the album for two years.