Actress Eiza Gonzalez wants people to stop pitting women against each other.

In a series of tweets in Spanish, Gonzalez pleaded with her fans to respect women, noting that it is already difficult enough in the entertainment industry for women and that comparing them is not helpful.

Fans speculate that the tweets come in response to a viral meme that compares the dating history of Gonzalez and Latin pop singer Belinda.

A rough translation of her tweets reads, “I hope that in 2021 we will be cured of the coronavirus, but also of the terrible misogynistic mentality. In how difficult it is to get recognition for your own work because apparently nothing is ever enough, they put us to compete and above all our value is only connected to one man.”

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Another tweet reads, “Hopefully one day we will reach the point where we value the women who represent us in all spheres for their own effort, effort and sacrifice because although they do not believe it, man is not God and no man creates a woman. The woman stands out and stands on her own.”

Gonzalez continues, “And finally, no woman is better than another. And especially women who have the tenacity and guts to survive the contempt and attacks day by day in this and other industries deserve all respect. Warrior woman. Because from the day we sadly only have a disadvantage as a woman.”

She concludes, “Please do not use me as an example to denigrate or minimize any woman. Never. Not her career, not her personal life, much less her physique. It is completely unacceptable. And it’s not something I believe in or want to be a part of. Thank you. Not to mention that making fun of or using someone’s features, complexion, or skin colour to minimize their value is absolutely wrong. Racism and classism is unacceptable.”

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The actress made news earlier this year when photos of her wearing blackface in a Telenovela when she was 15 surfaced. She issued an apology for the photos in a statement to Page Six.

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