She’s best known for playing Blanche Devereaux in “The Golden Girls, but Rue McClanahan also tried her hand at making an instructional VHS presentation about how to take care of pets.

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In “The Dog Care Video Guide” and “The Cat Care Video Guide”, McClanahan is accompanied by a flirtatious British veterinarian named Dr. David Griffiths.

While McClanahan promises to explore “the mysterious inner workings of the feline mind,” Dr. Griffiths says, “I’d be happy to have my brain picked by such an enchanting woman.”

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At one point during a discussion about the best kinds of food bowls to buy, McClanahan suggests picking up something “with a wide, flat bottom.”

The pair also discuss important pet care topics such as spaying and neutering and how to give medication.

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Watch more of their flirting below:

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