Bryan Adams’ Socially Distant Concert In Germany Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Spike

A German rock concert that was meant to “Give Live A Chance” is being postponed.

Bryan Adams was set to perform at the socially distant concert, headlining the stadium show “Give Live A Chance” in Düsseldorf on Sept. 4 along with Sarah Connor, Rea Garvey, The Bosshoss, Joris and Michael Mittermeier.

However, the concert is being postponed due to a concerning spike in COVID-19 infections in that German state in recent weeks. As a result, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has extended the nation’s ban on large-scale public events through to 2021.

As Billboard reports, the concert — which was to have entertained a crowd of 12,000 — is being pushed back to sometime in “late fall.”

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“Despite a comprehensive health, hygiene, and safety program, organizers felt compelled to cancel the event in view of the increasing number of infections and subsequent capacity restrictions that were imposed on the event,” the arena said in a statement, noting “concerns from the state government” and indicating that “the opposing positions could not be bridged.”

Earlier this month, Adams announced the concert on Instagram, writing, “I’ve been invited to perform at the first large social distancing concert in Germany at the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Dusseldorf on 4th September. I’m playing acoustically – on my own / no band.”

He later updated the post to tell fans the show “has been cancelled.”



At the time of the announcement, reported Billboard, some German officials weren’t happy about the concert, with health minister Karl-Josef Laumann admitting he was “irritated”.

“We have a complex infection situation shortly before the end of the travel season,” Laumann said. “In this situation, encouraging people from all over Germany to travel across the country to Düsseldorf and come together by the thousands is simply irresponsible.”

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Angela Merkel had previously extended the ban on large event from Aug. 31 to the end of October with the exception of events that could meet the country’s stringent hygiene regulations and ensure contact tracing.


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