Katy Perry hosted her “Smile Sunday” session once again and paid tribute to Mighty.

During week 2 of her three-week series, Perry took a moment to say “RIP to Mighty”, her fiancé Orlando Bloom’s dog who recently died after going missing.

One fan questioned Perry on how she got their other dog, Nugget. The soon-to-be-mom confessed that cats were her thing until she realized that a dog’s love is unconditional.

Things then turned to her music, as Perry teased clips of her upcoming album Smile for her viewers until Bloom crashed and scared Perry.

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Perry was so into the music, she didn’t notice him sneak into the room. “You’re not supposed to see me doing this,” Perry said.

He then proudly announced that he put up the backdrop for Perry before saying he is “heading out.”

“And can you text me?” Perry said to Bloom in a cute exchange. “Maybe you could bring me a smoothie or a coffee? I’ll text you.”

Still blushing from Bloom’s surprise appearance, Perry admitted that she still thinks “wow” when she sees him at work on set.

With only weeks to go until she gives birth, Perry spoke of how their daughter won’t even care who her parents are and that “will be great.” As for pregnancy cravings, sweets aren’t on the list but she loves french fries and would love some sashimi and a dirty martini.

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Back to the music, the singer shared part of the song “Teary Eyes”.

She also teased more album merchandise along with a single “High On Your Supply” that will only be available exclusively through Target. The song will feature a message that Perry recorded back in March when she thought “the world was ending.”

Smile is set to be released on August 14.