Jeffree Star is addressing his cosmetics company robbery from 2019 after the alleged police report got published online.

At the time, Star said that millions of dollars’ worth of makeup was stolen from his warehouse, however, the alleged police report puts that value at far less.

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“There’s someone that tried to say that there’s a police report from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, that our warehouse and our robber, that we only had $10,000 of things lost. It’s all so silly, but people run with things and I get it, this is what 2020 is about. A lot of people are bored and miserable, and just want to make up s**t all day. I’m used to it,” he said in a new YouTube video.

“It’s just shocking the levels of things people are believing now. I’m like, you guys, there was 30,000 units of just concealer stolen, and so many other things. It was so horrifying and awful and scary. So for someone to try and minimize it like it’s a hoax, I’m like…”

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Star also tested out some new makeup in the video.

Over the weekend, fellow beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials was robbed at gunpoint in her own home in the Netherlands.

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