Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Still Refuses To Believe Her Dad Is In ‘Moana’

Dwayne Johnson is loved by kids across the globe for playing Maui in “Moana”, but his daughter Tiana refuses to accept it’s really him playing the character.

The actor shared an adorable video of the pair singing “You’re Welcome” to Tia’s stuffed “doggies”.

He asked if this was the day the little one would finally accept he played the character, but she responded with a very firm “no” at the end of the clip, which he claimed was the “900th time” they’d sung it to the animals that morning.

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Johnson included in his caption, “Even the doggies are callin’ BS. Enjoy your weekend, my friends!”

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This isn’t the first time the star has shared clips of the tot singing the hit from the Disney classic.

She’s refused to believe her dad is really the voice behind the track in his videos so far.

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