“The Fugitive” is getting another reboot, this time for Quibi.

The original 1960s TV series, which spawned the Oscar-winning Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones big-screen version in the 1990s, is once again getting reworked for modern audiences.  This time around, Canadian star Kiefer Sutherland is at the forefront as a man hot on the trail of a fugitive, played by Boyd Holbrook.

“I think of this one as kind of the post-9/11 version of ‘The Fugitive’,” Sutherland tells ET Canada of the 14-episode series. “Terrorism has hit U.S. soil, technology has grown leaps and bounds to the degree where there’s cameras and videos on every street corner in any major city in the U.S.. That can all be manipulated and it is in this show.”

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Sutherland’s involvement in the project was a bonus for Holbrook.

“Kiefer was one of the reasons I became an actor,” Holbrook says. “Getting to come full circle and work with one of your heroes, it’s a very humbling experience and very exciting experience, it’s a very comforting experience because you know that you’re in really good hands with who you’re working with and you know you’re giving that workload.”

“It’s a big responsibility to try and meet his bar,” Holbrook says of his co-star.

Sutherland had a few raves of his own when it came to working on the Quibi series, praising the project’s script.

“I thought it was witty, I thought it was funny, I thought it was dynamic, I thought it was dramatic,” he says. “It has so many qualities but it also moved at a pace. Now the real danger is when you read something like that it doesn’t always transfer when you go to put it on its feet but this really did. It was one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever had just because the script was such a strong foundation. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of.”

“The Fugitive” is now available on Quibi.