Family Of Carole Baskin’s Late Husband Offering $100K For Info On His Whereabouts

The family of missing Don Lewis are offering a major reward to anyone who may have information about his mysterious disappearance. 

The late husband of “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin vanished without a trace in 1997.

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At a press conference held on Monday in Tampa, Florida, Lewis’ family told reporters that they are stepping up the search for their missing loved one.

“Our family tragedy has become your tragedy. Our search for truth has become your mission, too,” Lewis’ youngest daughter, Gale Rathbone, said.

“We’re asking that anyone with vital information come forward so that progress can be made on this case.”

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The family are offering $100,000 to anyone who may be able to help track him down.

“I still to this day miss my dad. I love my dad. For 23 years, I’ve gone to bed each night knowing that the only chance of seeing him again is in my dreams,” she continued.

“I hope that someday we – and you too – will know the truth and know what will happen to him.”

In the hit Netflix series “Tiger King”, Baskin’s rival Joe Exotic accused her of murdering Lewis and feeding his body to her tigers.

Baskin has repeatedly denied these allegations.

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Responding to the press conference in a statement to WFLA, Baskin said, “I believe it is a publicity stunt orchestrated by Jack Smith to bolster his YouTube views.”

She added, “But I do hope that all of the attention from Tiger King and the aftermath will result in us finding Don.”



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