Bryan Cranston loves a good hat.

The actor, whose “Breaking Bad” character Walter White wears a pork pie hat as Heisenberg in the series, shows off just how many hats he can pull off in a new “Tonight Show” skit.

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While staring at the camera, both Cranston and Jimmy Fallon don numerous different hats, including a sailor’s cap, a red bonnet, a top hat, a sombrero, a flat cap, a floppy hat… the list continues.

Lyrics to the song include, “I am. But a man. A man of many hats. Let me show you my hats.”

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The pair wear the hats while taking part in their daily activities, including drinking cocktails and going to the bathroom.

Cranston also chats about his experience with the coronavirus, as well as weighing in on the “Breaking Bad” and “Malcolm in the Middle” crossover fan theory.

See more in the clip below.

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