Nick Cannon Says He Discovered His Great-Grandfather Was A ‘Spanish Rabbi’

It seems that Nick Cannon has some Jewish heritage.

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Weeks after being fired by ViacomCBS for anti-Semitic comments, the TV personality revealed in a conversation with Rabbi Noam Marans of the American Jewish Committee, “My great-grandfather was a Spanish rabbi, a Sephardic Jewish man. As much heat as I’ve been catching from the public and the outside, this hit home in a real way, because I come from a Black and Jewish family on my mother’s side.”

Talking about his controversial comments about Jews in a podcast episode, Cannon said his Black and Jewish friends helped him see the light.

“They truly saw my heart, they saw my compassion and that I had no malice, but there were things I had questioned, there were things I was confused by, there were tropes that had been taught to me,” he said.

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“If I’m not for myself, then who will be for me,” Cannon said, quoting the Jewish elder Hillel. “I preface with that because, in the Black community, we often feel we have no one that will support us, and the people who do step up for us are instantly condemned.”

He added, “We must condemn hate, we must condemn demagoguery and anything that separates us, but we are not in any position to throw any human being away.”

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