Bryan Cranston is taking COVID-19 very seriously after he and his wife contracted it.

Cranston dropped by “Live with Kelly and Ryan” virtually to discuss how he and Robin Dearden recovered from the novel coronavirus. The “Breaking Bad” star said the couple were “very fortunate” to only exhibit “mild symptoms.”

“I lost my taste and sense of smell for a couple [of] months,” Cranston said. It has “since come back to about 75 per cent.”

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“I count my blessings that that was the extent of my sacrifice,” the actor continued. “I had the antibodies and [wasn’t] infected anymore and so I thought now is the time to give plasma.”

Cranston and Dearden went for dinner with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, two of the first major celebrities to publicly announce their COVID-19 diagnosis, after all four recovered.

“We were talking to them when they were still in Australia,” Cranston said. “When they came back, the four of us had dinner together and we looked at each other and said, ‘I think we can do this because we all had it, we’re all not infected anymore.'”

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“At the time we thought, Oh, we can’t get it again. Now that is still uncertain but if it is possible to be reinfected, I can fight it off,” he added.

“My heart goes out to those people who have passed and those suffering. If any of you watching now had it and got through it … if you can consider giving plasma to your local blood bank, it will help many, many people.”