Feng-E owned the stage in Taiwan as he delivered an epic performance on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent”.

The 13-year-old nailed a medley of rock hits on the ukelele, belting out songs such as “Smoke on the Water” and “Seven Nation Army”.

Howie Mandel gave the teen a standing ovation, telling him: “You are the [Jimi] Hendrix of the ukulele. You just blew me away!”

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Heidi Klum added, “What an amazing performance. I also have to tell you, I love your vibe. I think that you are so cool. I wish I was half as cool as you are, kudos to you.”

Sofia Vergara continued, “You look like a star up there, it was unbelievable! I hate the ukulele and you make [it] sound unbelievable. I could listen to you forever, it’s amazing what you can do with that instrument.”

Guest host Kelly Clarkson, who is filling in for the injured Simon Cowell, was also a fan.

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She told the youngster, “You’re not only just so insanely gifted and just a talented musician, even the part where you shush everyone and the drama of the whole performance and how rock ‘n’ roll the whole thing was… you could control an entire arena with the same kind of vibe and energy [as Ed Sheeran]. Not many people are capable of doing that.”