There’s getting thrown in the deep end, and then there’s what Will Smith did.

On Tuesday, the “Fresh Prince” star went diving with sharks in order to overcome his fear of the open seas in the Shark Week special “Will Smith: Off the Deep End”.

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“God placed the greatest things in life on the other side of your biggest fears,” Smith said in a clip from the special. “The ocean’s alive. The ocean is moving and changing and adjusting and reacting and responding. The ocean is talking to you the whole time and you’re hoping it’s not saying something you don’t want to hear.”

Smith continued, “After working on ‘After Earth’, I got introduced to that fear. I’m always running from that fear. And then I started to realize how poisonous fear can be. It steals your ability to be able to enjoy life.”

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According to NME, in the episode, the actor said of his fear, “I blame Steven Spielberg [for directing ‘Jaws’]. I was literally scared in the bathtub. I literally felt like a shark could come out of the spout.”

After going through the experience, though, Smith said, “There was Will Smith before the sharks and there is Will Smith after the sharks.”