Orlando Bloom Reveals Why He Decided To Get Naked For New Movie ‘Retaliation’

Orlando Bloom is getting candid about stripping down for his new role in “Retaliation”.

The actor, 43, joined The Hollywood Reporter for an in-depth chat about the upcoming flick, following Malky (Bloom), an adult victim of childhood sexual abuse confronting the horrors of his past.

“It was really just what was required,” Bloom explained of his decision to get naked. “I didn’t think about the nudity aspect. I just thought about what was required in the moment to get the job done. We talked about the shots and the nudity aspect and how it served the character and the truth of the moment. I was focused more on that and obviously, I put a lot of trust in the directors, who were new and young, and had the greatest sincerity. They knew the writer very well, and their approach to the material was with real sensitivity and care. So, I felt I was serving the moment more than I was thinking about the fact that there was nudity.”

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“With the sex, you see very clear how damaged Malky is, and how his damage plays out in the relationships in his life, particularly with women,” he continued. “His fear of intimacy, his fear of closeness, the animalistic way with which he approaches sex, and the shame around that, it’s all very palpable in the script. It’s very clear to me what was required, and then a lot of what I had gleaned from different organizations that I spoke to about male sexual abuse, it was reading up around it and researching around it. You can understand how and why people do things the way they do.”

According to Bloom, he and “Retaliation”‘s directors Ludwig Shammasian and Paul Shammasian collaborated on how to approach the character.

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“It’s not an easy thing to approach, because men don’t talk about their feelings, their emotions, and certainly not if there’s been sexual abuse,” he said. “There’s so much shame. What that leads to is what we see in Malky. I just wanted to do justice to the character, in that respect. I hope that other men who may have experienced this will see the film, and hopefully find healing in it. There are many unhealed people who go through the world without the opportunity to address what has happened to them and it affects them for the rest of their lives.”

“Retaliation” isn’t exactly new, in fact, it was filmed in 2017 and premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival before earning a U.S. distribution from Saban Films during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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