Maya Rudolph Calls It A ‘Gift’ To Play Joe Biden’s VP Pick Kamala Harris On ‘SNL’

Maya Rudolph says she feels incredibly proud to play Kamala Harris on Global’s “Saturday Night Live”.

Following Biden announcing his pick for his Presidental running mate on Tuesday, the comedian, 48, chatted with IndieWire about the historic announcement.

“It feels hopeful, as a human living in the United States,” Rudolph says of Biden and Harris. “It’s terribly exciting to feel like someone so incredibly worthy of the nomination has it, and someone who I admire and respect. It makes me feel energized to follow the campaign. As a person who for so many years playing different people, it’s such a joy to get to be part of the race.”

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She added, “For me, to have had the chance to play [Harris] in the place that will always be my first love, it’s an extra gift. It feels incredibly lucky.”

“SNL” has always been known for their take on politics and the chance to play a candidate is a huge honour.

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“It’s kind of luck of the draw. Sometimes you look like people, sometimes you don’t. I remember talking with Tina [Fey] about the very same thing, you never know how these things are going to go,” Rudolph continued. “The show is such an incredible place for people being able to connect with each other about how they’re feeling about the state of the world, the election, and what’s going on. To have any fraction of that, a part of that is just really exciting.”

Rudolph is up for an Emmy this year for her portrayal of Harris.

“SNL” will return for season 46 this fall on Global.

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