Matthew McConaughey is finding the good in lockdown.

The Oscar-winning actor tells reporters spending quality time at home with his family has enabled him to get better acquainted with his three kids.

“I think my mental health and family life are improving,” he says, according to People. “I spend more time in the kitchen with my family preparing meals, eating meals, cooking with my kids. That’s been one big advantage, the forced family time. I’ve gotten to know my kids better.”

McConaughey, 50, has been social distancing with his wife, Camila Alves, and their children, Levi, 12, Vida, 10, and Livingston, 7. The actor’s 88-year-old mother Kay has also moved in with the family.

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Admitting it’s not always easy to spend so much time together, McConaughey says, “We all have our days and we have to allow our days. Adding their time together has “been a good thing mentally,” McConaughey says he is giving everyone in the family “a little forgiveness” on rough days.

“You’re all around each other, you’re tired, people have moods, the kids have cabin fever, I get cabin fever — people snap a little bit,” he adds. “This has gone on a while and will go one a while more, so I give everybody a little cushion.”

With one day rolling into the next, McConaughey says, “Every day feels like Saturday” as he works on creating routines.

“It doesn’t seem to matter unless you create some structure,” he explains. “I make sure I break a sweat once a day. I take a drive to nowhere once a day, go have my relationship with music. I’m trying to see this time we’re in as bonus time, immediate family and introspection time.”

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He’s not the only one enjoying his time at home – the actor says his kids are also embracing their isolation time.

“My children have doubled down and leaned into hobbies they had before COVID that they never really made the time to lean into. They’ve become artists,” he shares.

McConaughey continues: “When we do get out of this and they go back to their friends and school they’ll have the confidence in front of them, even if they’re the only ones who want to do their hobby, that they’ll do their hobby. I don’t think without this time that they would have leaned into those hobbies as much and become so much a part of themselves.”

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