Accidental Teen Pregnancy Kicks Off Raucous Road Trip In HBO Max Comedy ‘Unpregnant’

HBO Max is giving a first look at the upcoming movie “Unpregnant”, starring Haley Lu Richardson.

When a Missouri teenager, Veronica (Richardson), discovers she’s pregnant, she needs to get to New Mexico to have an abortion while preventing her boyfriend and her religious parents from finding out.

With no way to get there and completely out of options, she swallows her pride and seeks help from Bailey (Barbie Ferreira), who was once her best friend until the two became estranged.

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Initially hesitant, Bailey decides to help by driving her to Albuquerque in a flashy Trans-Am that Veronica doesn’t know is stolen.

The teens’ rowdy road trip hits more than a few bumps along the way, eventually leading them to seek the assistance of a stranger (Giancarlo Esposito) who lends a hand — and a white stretch limo.

“Unpregnant” debuts on Sept. 10.

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