The Weeknd continues to put his money to good use.

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The Canadian singer donated $300,000 on Wednesday to Global Aid for Lebanon. The relief effort supports victims of the deadly explosion in Beirut on August 4. The blast killed more than 200 people and levelled a sizable chunk of the city. The donation was announced by his manager, Wassim “Sal” Slaiby.

“I am so honoured and humbled to work with artists who have such deep care for the world and right now for our brothers and sisters of Lebanon who are in pain and need our collective help,” Slaiby wrote. “I want to thank my brother @theweeknd for his generous and class act of donating $300,000 to the Global Aid for Lebanon campaign.”

Slaiby and his wife, Rima Fakih — a former Miss USA — are both Lebanon-born. The couple have mobilized relief efforts and also thanked Live Nation for its $50,000 donation.

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The Weeknd has also made significant donations to COVID-19 relief, Black Lives Matter, and social justice organizations.