Jimmy Fallon Puts On His Donald Trump Wig For Parody Of The President’s Reaction To Kamala Harris

Donald Trump has got a new opponent.

On Wednesday’s “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon got into character as the president to mock his reaction to Joe Biden picking Kamala Harris as his running mate.

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Staging a parody press conference with a mannequin standing in for Vice-President Mike Pence, Fallon went up to the podium.

“Mike’s got what it takes. Kamala, though, Kamala didn’t do well in the primary, as we all remember,” he said in Trump’s voice. “In fact, she was destroyed by the much fiercer candidate, a candidate I wouldn’t want to go up against, Joe Biden. He was very good against her, very good.”

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He continued, “But look, Joe Biden is very weak and look, anyone could take him down, Kamala could take him down. She did very well against him in the debates, it’s true.”

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