Russell Crowe stopped by Eddie McGuire’s Sirius XM show “Aussie Football Rules America” to talk about everything from football to his new movie “Unhinged”.

Crowe, who owns the Australian rugby team the South Sydney Rabbitohs, was asked to explain Australian Rules Football to North Americans.

“You have to appeal at the highest level of that, not the lowest,” the “Gladiator” actor said.

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“Rugby League tends to be sold to Americans on the basis of, ‘Look at how brutal and stupid these people are,’ as opposed to, ‘Feel the excitement of a play that just suddenly opens up.’  It is a different way of selling it,” Crowe explained. “If you sell it to the smart kids in the room, Eddie, AFL goes great in America because it is a tactical game, it is a game that requires incredible skill and dexterity.  You can see the moves of basketball in it, you can see so many areas of athletic prowess required by the players.  So that would be simply my advice: If you’re going to approach America as to the sport of AFL, play to the smart kids in the room.”

As everything has changed during the coronavirus pandemic, so have press tours. Crowe spoke of how for most movies he would spend around a week in the United States doing press and “maybe 10 or 12, maybe 14 days travelling the world,” but now he doesn’t even need to leave his home with the virtual press tour.

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“I’ve done every bit of press from home,” he said laughing. “Which is, like, magical. I haven’t had to go to an airport or sit in an airport lounge for hours waiting for anything. But the unfortunate thing is, because the release is spread out, I’m now in the eighth week of it and I’ve still got three weeks to go. So it’s become the most efficient thing for the longest junket I’ve ever been involved in.”

“Unhinged” will be released on August 21.