David Blaine Shocks Jimmy Fallon With Incredible Card Tricks On ‘The Tonight Show’

Being virtual hasn’t stopped the magic.

On Thursday night, Jimmy Fallon welcomed back David Blaine to “The Tonight Show” via video chat to show off some incredible new card tricks.

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Things started off simply enough, with Blaine asking Fallon to name a card at random and then discovering that same card flipped around in a full deck. But there was more: Not only was it the right card, it had a different colour back and was the only non-blank card in the pack.

Fallon, of course, was freaking out already, but things got wilder when Blaine coughed up a card, asked the host to think another one up at random, and then revealed the coughed-up, folded card to be the very same.

And if that weren’t enough, Blaine completely shocked Fallon by coughing up the small assistant who lives inside him.

The magician also teased his planned “Ascension” stunt in which he will hold onto a bunch of balloons and be lifted off into the sky.

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Explaining to Fallon that he was inspired to do the stunt by a scene in the 1956 French film “La ballon rouge”, he revealed that rather than wearing a parachute, he’ll have one stored up with the balloons.

“I want it to be the image of just a boy holding a bunch of balloons and drifting away like the movie that I saw,” he said.

Blaine plans to do the stunt during a live special on YouTube airing August 31, weather permitting.

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