Corinne Olympios has spoken about her time on “The Bachelor”, addressing being portrayed as a villain.

Olympios chatted with Nick Viall about trying to get his attention on season 21 during a tell-all interview for his new Patreon series, “Nick V Talks Trash TV: A Bachelor and His Exes Tell All”.

The reality TV star, who is now dating Vincent Fratantoni, admitted: “I acted like a psychopath.

“I was a completely different human at the time. I tried to do whatever I could to get your attention. Everyone freaked out, but I don’t care because I got my time,” she added, according to E! News.

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Olympios, who was sent packing after her hometown date, insisted she was portrayed a certain way on the show, telling Viall how producers hadn’t given him the heartfelt letter she wrote him.

“I was a little upset because I know what a good wife I will be one day and what a good girlfriend I am,” Olympios went on. “So I felt like that side of me wasn’t shown. I felt like I looked like a bimbo.”

“There were two days where I remember I would not get out of bed,” she then said of heading back to reality after the show. “I was like, ‘My life is over. What am I doing? What is this?'”

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However, Olympios shared: “So many women have come up to me and been like, ‘You’re a f**king queen. You had balls to do something like that. You make me feel more confident. So there you go, something great came out of it.

“I was just an emotional 24-year-old and I just wanted my time with you and I was a spoiled little b***h,” the star, now 28, said. “I’m glad it led me to the woman I am today.”