The last few years have been filled with many highs and lows for Katy Perry, but all those moments have shaped her upcoming release, Smile.

Her fifth studio album is set to drop on Friday, August 28 – but you know what else is about to drop? Her first child! The mom-to-be is set to give birth to her baby girl any day now.

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ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey teamed up with fellow mom and host of Global’s “The Morning Show”, Carolyn Mackenzie, to impart some words of wisdom to Perry and fiancé Orlando Bloom.

“We’re coming to the end, guys! I’m excited!” the songstress proclaims.

“I’m delivering two babies. I have an album coming out August 28 called Smile and a daughter coming out whenever the hell she wants to!”

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Songs “Daisies” and “Harley’s in Hawaii” have already been released from the 12-track LP. With both of her babies arriving around the same time, would Perry consider naming her daughter after one of the songs?

“I’ve never thought of Harley… ever! Wow! Harley is a great name! Harley Bloom. Hold on… excuse me I’m writing it down,” the 35-year-old shares.

“We have a list… we have a little list, of course. But honestly, I’m telling you, this is a really great addition. I’ll send it to [Orlando]. It’s beautiful!”

Adding, “It’s not like I’m not just going to have one, I think. I mean, I hope. I hope! Let’s see what the universe has in store for me but I think this is going to be on my ‘forever‘ list.”

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With just days to go before the arrival of baby Bloom, Perry reveals that although she’ll probably be singing lullabies, there is a track on Smile that she has dedicated to her little girl.

“There’s a song on the end of the record called ‘What Makes A Woman’ that definitely is resonating as I expand. It was a song I wrote before I was pregnant, but it’s ringing true,” she admits. “You know, this album is going to be a touchstone to remind you that you walked through hell, and you made it through and that’s what it is. And you found your smile and you’re going to bring life into the world.”

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When it comes to the advice she’ll give her daughter, Perry says she won’t be afraid to open up about the lessons from her past mistakes.

“The greatest thing I think I can give to her is the gift of freedom. In that, she can try and fail, and learn, and grow from that,” the “Never Really Over” singer says. “What I had growing up was really rigid and what I hope to give is really open. Regrets are a ghost you’ll never catch. So let it go.”