Many training facilities and gyms are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes finding somewhere to train difficult for Paralympic swimmer Rudy Garcia-Tolson, 31.

Luckily for the athlete, a representative for “Californication” actor David Duchovny reached out to Garcia-Tolson on Instagram after reading about his problems in a previous New York Times article.

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“She gave me his number and told me to reach out. When I did, he told me he had a 25-metre, one-lane pool in his backyard. I was welcome to use it whenever I wanted. I just needed to give him a little notice,” Garcia-Tolson explains in the NY Times.

The five-time medallist has made use of Duchovny’s pool 12 times so far. He says that while sometimes they chat for a bit, he usually focuses on his training.

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According to the article, Duchovny and Garcia-Tolson had previously met before at the Malibu Triathlon when Garcia-Tolson was a child.