Brie Larson has been connecting with fans through her recently launched YouTube channel, and in her latest vlog the “Captain Marvel” star takes a look at some of the many roles she tried to get — but didn’t.

Joking that auditions are “a form of torture,” she explained that auditioning, “is a job within itself — that doesn’t pay.”

Admitting the auditioning process can be “a little convoluted,” Larson lifted the curtain to detail the not-at-all glamourous auditioning process.

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“Sometimes, you’re doing three auditions in a day, sometimes you’re playing characters that are totally outside of anything you know how to play,” she added.

Singling out one audition for an unidentified project as her “worst” ever, Larson admitted that the feedback after was brutal. “The casting director said to my agent that I was so bad that she would never bring me in for anything ever again,” said Larson. “And she didn’t.”

One job she didn’t get was a role on “Gossip Girl”, something about which she is now “really glad.”

She then listed off some other various projects she unsuccessfully auditioned for, including “The Hunger Games”, “Tomorrowland” and “all the new ‘Star Wars’ movies”.

Larson also revealed that she tested for the role of Penny in “The Big Bang Theory”, but was told she “was too young, which was true.”

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After running through some of her weirder audition experiences and discussing the crushing rejection that’s a part of any actor’s life, Larson pointed out that she has enough stories yet to tell that there’s “definitely enough for me to do a part two, so stay tuned.”