Ten years ago, Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker busted their moves at a party, marking the first of many dances together. The pair had both competed in “So You Think You Can Dance” and were invited back for the series’ all-stars version in season seven. However, it wasn’t until the wrap party that their connection became undeniable as they twirled around the dancefloor for three hours.

“August 13th is the first time that Steve and I ever danced together … and we’ve been together ever since!” reflects Holker.

Indeed, 10 years, one gorgeous California wedding and two beautiful children later (4-year-old son, Maddox, and 9-month-old daughter, Zaia, who joined Holker’s 12-year-old daughter Weslie – who tWitch adopted) the couple are still dancing together, whether it’s via fun TikTok posts or streaming their Boss Family Workout “Groovealong” sessions. Even little Zaia is now strutting her stuff as part of the #360StretchChallenge campaign, which aims to get babies moving, wiggling and dancing their hearts out while wearing and putting Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit diapers to the ultimate movement test.

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ET Canada spoke to 32-year-old Holker and 37-year-old tWitch, a resident DJ on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, about their anniversary, raising children during the coronavirus pandemic and being inspired by Weslie during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Congrats on 10 years together! How does it feel to say you’ve been together a decade? 
It’s crazy! It feels incredible and inspiring. I also look forward to celebrating 15 or 20 years. We look at old couples differently now.
 We love watching old couples holding hands. We can’t wait to be old!

What’s been your greatest lesson in making it to 10 years? 
 That it’s still an everyday commitment because you have two [people] who are growing as individuals and as a collective. As all of that growth and maturation’s happening, you have to have patience and the fortitude to have conversations which help each other grow. You also have to like each other!

What’s been the biggest test to your relationship? 
 Everyone’s always learning and growing like he said – we’re not going to be the same humans we were when we met, so you have to explore and love someone’s growth. Sometimes people are scared that people change and evolve, when it’s actually something to embrace. So, the biggest challenge is that I’m growing as a human and am different every day. What works for us is that we’ve always loved that growth in each other, but it is a very challenging part of the relationship.

Speaking of challenges, what have the last few months been like for you in quarantine? 
 We’re trying to make the best of it as a couple, and for our kids. We’re continually trying to find ways of making it fun, so that it doesn’t feel like every day is just daunting. We’re not trying to hide everything that’s going on – we’re embracing it and learning so much, but we’re also trying to entertain our kids and keep them active.

How have you doing that? 
We started a fun family workout program to keep active, even though we’re all quarantined. You know us – dance and movement is a huge part of our relationship and who we are, so we wanted to do it for ourselves, but for others, too. We’ve also teamed up with Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit diapers as they’re doing a really fun challenge for parents and babies to put their diapers to the test and keep everyone moving.

tWitch: Zaia’s parents are both dancers, so if anyone can put a diaper to the test as far as movement goes, it’s the child of two dancers. She’s definitely doing that – she’s on the move!

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Our workout for July 3!!! #GrooveAlong

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What’s been your biggest blunder or a mishap in the wonderful world of diapers? 
Going to the airport can be really tricky with kids anyway, but there was one time I didn’t pack the diaper bag properly and forgot an extra pair of clothing, so Maddox had to get on the plane with just a diaper and t-shirt. The pants were unsalvageable!

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Chances are you won’t be getting on a plane again anytime soon. What has it been like parenting during the pandemic, especially with a baby? 
 Having a baby right now, when we have to spend so much time at home, is a blessing because Allison and I work a lot and our work requires lots of travelling. Being able to stay home and have all this family time is the silver lining in all of this.

Holker: The thing I find on the sadder side is that they don’t get to see other family – Zaia doesn’t see her grandparents. Once it’s safe, I can’t wait for her to have that experience with her grandparents.

She’s 9-months-old now. What cute or cool things is she starting to do that you’ve been able to witness thanks to being at home? 
It’s a really exciting time – she’s actually crawling now! And in the last couple of days, she’s been able to push up onto her feet and stand for a bit. She stood on her own for a good four seconds! It’s a fun age seeing how much they push themselves and keep trying. Everyday she’s learning something new.

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A mommy moment In my @fashionnova fashionnovapartner

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You’ve both been vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement, experiences with racism and raising biracial children. Are there things you say now or plan to talk to your kids about as they get older to help prepare them for the inequalities out there, and how difficult are those conversations?

Holker: I think as parents we always want to protect kids, right? We’re like, “I don’t know if I should have this conversation.” But these kids are ready – they want to know and they want to get involved, so it’s inspiring seeing the conversations they’re asking for. They’re wanting to help because through social media, they see everything. At a younger age, they’re like, “Why does this still exist? How can we get rid of this? We shouldn’t be living this way.”
They’re so inclusive because they see so much diversity on outlets like Instagram or TikTok. Our daughter has so much knowledge and wants to get involved, so she’s actually the one making the conversation easier for us, because she asks questions. There’s a lot of hope through Gen Z. They’re a powerful generation!

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