Tiffany Haddish revealed why she shaved her head during an appearance on Monday’s “Tonight Show”.

Haddish told Jimmy Fallon that she wanted to know everything about herself, and with everyone being in lockdown, she figured now was as good a time as ever to get rid of her locks.

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The comedian joked, “I know where all my moles are, except for the ones that are on my head.

“Now I know I’ve got two moles on my head, it’s a little wrinkly in the back.”

Haddish, who recently confirmed she was in a relationship with Common, continued, “When it’s all the way gone, it’s very smooth. My head kinda feels like a penis and that’s kinda nice.”

Fallon also asked Haddish about her recent return to standup, to which she replied: “It was amazing, like the best sex ever!”

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Despite everybody wearing masks, she insisted she could still tell when people were laughing.

Haddish also took part in a game of “Wheel of Opinions” Monday, revealing her thoughts on TikTok challenges, psychedelic tea, and more. Give it a watch below.