Hugh Jackman Jokes Ryan Reynolds Can Never Replace Him As He Reflects On His ‘Wolverine’ Debut

It’s been 20 years since Hugh Jackman slapped on some adamantium claws to play Wolverine in the first X-Men movie. Now, the Aussie star is reflecting on the role — and his American film debut — while getting in a few friendly digs at Ryan Reynolds.

In a new interview with “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, Jackman reveals he didn’t have high hopes for the movie or his mutant character.

“I had two or three friends in the business say, ‘Hey dude, before this movie comes out, the word on this street is this is not good so make sure you’ve booked another film, that way at least you have another shot,’” he recalls.

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Jackman took the advice to heart as he remembers “hustling around L.A. doing auditions just to get something,” in case the movie bombed. “I got another film, thank God, and I remember thinking I get one more shot.

Of course, “X-Men” was a huge commercial success; Jackman would revisit the role 10 more times in feature films and cameo appearances. “When it came out, no one knew that was coming,” he adds. “No one knew I would end up playing the role nine times. It still all surprises me, thrills me, I’m so grateful to those fans.”

When asked who could possibly take over for the 51-year-old actor in future Wolverine roles, Jackman quickly interrupts with a shout of  “Not Ryan Reynolds!”

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Never one to miss an opportunity to take Reynolds to task in their hilarious ongoing feud, Jackman jokes that he’s been concerned about Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively during the pandemic.

“I check on Blake all the time, I just can’t imagine what this whole isolation has been like,” he says. “It’s been months in the same house with Ryan.”

Jackman, who was nominated for an Emmy for HBO’s “Bad Education”, will next be seen in the upcoming TV miniseries of “The Princess Bride” in which he plays Prince Humperdinck opposite Common, Tiffany Haddish, Jennifer Garner, and Josh Gad.


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