Britney Spears no longer wants her father, Jamie Spears, to have such a tight grip on her career.

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In new court documents obtained by ET Canada, Spears seeks to have Jamie removed as the sole conservator over her estate.

Spears, 38, “strongly prefers” to keep Jodi Montgomery in charge. Montgomery was assigned as the temporary conservator over Spears’ person since last fall.

If the singer is successful, Montgomery will become the permanent conservator.

Spears also no longer wants her father to exclusively manage her business and estate. She instead seeks a “qualified corporate fiduciary” to fill the role. It is unclear if Spears wants Jamie to remain in any co-conservator role.

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Jamie’s grip on Spears’ business has been a major talking point for much of the year. #FreeBritney fans have been eager to protect Spears from her father’s alleged missteps as conservator.

Meanwhile, Spears’ childhood friend and ex-husband Jason Alexander was spotted at a #FreeBritney protest in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Alexander, who was married to Spears for 55 hours after the pair tied the knot in Vegas in 2004 before quickly untying it, shared his thoughts with Us Weekly about what was taking place.

“I’m here to show support for the #FreeBritney movement and Britney,” said Alexander, revealing that he spoke to Spears yesterday. “This is an unfortunate situation that’s been in her life for a long time. It’s affected me and her, and that makes me part of it. I’ve been quiet for 10 years, and I feel [like] what a good time to come forward now with the movement making noise and the conservatorship hearings going on.”

He added: “I wanna see Britney get what she rightly deserves, and from personal conversations, she doesn’t want to be under the conservatorship obviously and it’s affecting her life still to this day in a negative way. And it’s time for it to be over.”