Cardi B Slams Trump Supporters For Playing ‘WAP’ At Boat Party After Republicans Criticized Song

Cardi B is calling out some supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump for playing her controversial single “WAP” on a MAGA boat party — days after conservatives criticized the song for its raunchy content.

In a scathing tweet she issued on Tuesday, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper shared a brief video from a “Trump 2020” boat party, set to the strains of her racy new collab with Megan Thee Stallion.

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As she points out in her tweet, none of the partying participants are social distancing, while recalling that Republicans had been “throwing a fit bout this song.”

She also wrote: “I’m callin the fbi on this festivity. They are not quarantining.”

While she didn’t single out which Republicans had been critical of the song, she could have been referring to conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, who tweeted his thoughts about whether the song’s graphic depictions of female genitalia are “empowering for women.”

Cardi responded to critics in an interview with I-D. “I always encourage people to be confident, especially when it comes to your sexuality. Some of these men are uncomfortable, they’re not even comfortable being sensual,” she said.

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“Maybe you’re conservative, but everybody got a little freak inside them, you know?” she added. “Every single person,” she concluded. “Everybody gets horny, everybody gets a little tingle down there, you know what I’m saying. Just embrace it. Don’t be scared about it.”


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