Jonathan Goodwin took his daredevil act to a whole new level during Tuesday night’s “America’s Got Talent”.

Goodwin performed his “Trial By Fire” act for the first time for the judges, with him admitting his mom definitely didn’t want him to try this one because it was too dangerous.

The performer was doused in oil before attempting to escape padlocks, all with his vision impaired, as flames closed in on him quickly.

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“Do they have a medic here?” Sofia Vergara asked. “I don’t want to see this.”

Goodwin’s suit caught on fire, with Howie Mandel voicing his concern, insisting: “Call somebody!”

“He’s on fire, somebody move in… Why is everybody just standing there?” he added.

Everyone breathed a hugh sigh of relief after Goodwin eventually escaped unharmed.

Mandel then joked, according to USA Today: “Well done. See what I did there with the fire?” as Heidi Klum added, “How can you say anything negative to a man who puts himself on fire for us?”

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“I thought you were in trouble. I think that’s amazing and I’m glad you are alive,” Mandel went on, as Vergara said: “I am so grateful that I am not your mother. It’s insanity.”

Kenan Thompson of Global’s “Saturday Night Live” fame filled in for Simon Cowell Tuesday after he broke his back in a biking accident. Kelly Clarkson did the honours last week.

See whether Goodwin’s act was enough to get him through to the next round during Wednesday’s results show.