Kids tend to not hold back — as seen in a “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” skit Tuesday.

Guest host Kerry Washington spoke to some youngsters to find out what they thought of Donald Trump and the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

“Voting is one of our most sacred duties, and it’s important to start talking about it early,” the actress explained, before cutting to the “Kinder-Cision 2020” clip.

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The kids were a little confused about how people could cast their votes, questioning whether they had to go to the White House, as well as thinking they’d already voted themselves.

One also suggested it cost $2,000 to vote for who they wanted to be president.

Talk then turned to Trump, with Peyton telling Washington: “All I know is that he’s going nuts,” as another accused the president of “lying,” while one cute kid said he was an “alien.”

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“I heard that the president cancelled TikTok,” adorable Isa said. “I think he doesn’t like to have fun.”

See more in the clip above.