Miley Cyrus Admits She Wrote Breakup Anthem ‘Slide Away’ Before Her Split From Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is opening up about breakups.

The singer joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s “Essentials Radio” and did a deep dive into past relationships and memories from her impressive catalogue of music.

Cyrus, who recently announced her split from Cody Simpson, said she’s different while dealing with splits.

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Photo: Apple Music
Photo: Apple Music

“And here’s something that I think there’s a shocker also, is that I’m a very logical person. And I really try to not get lost in emotion, because our emotion lies to us,” she explained. “Our emotion sometimes makes us believe that every thought that we think is real.”

But it was “Slide Away”, Cyrus’ huge breakup anthem from 2019, that gave fans a personal look at her divorce from Liam Hemsworth. But she revealed Wednesday that the track was written way before they called it quits.

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“I wrote ‘Slide Away’ before my breakup,” she said. “I wrote ‘Slide Away’ in February of the year before. And I just keep speaking these things into existence.”

And the same thing with “Wrecking Ball”.

“I had to like experience heartbreak to get to that song,” she said. “I had to live it. Again, it wasn’t a song that got sent to me on a demo and I just go ‘cut it.’ I was living it publicly.”

Listen to more from Cyrus here.

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